Rules for entering your project:

        1. There is no official format or entry form required for your Award entries, allowing you to format your entry as you wish.
          Entries that exceed the 1000 word limit over a maximum of 4 sides of A4 will be void.
        1. Entries must be submitted as either a Word document or PDF.
        1. Font size 12 – Arial – is the recommended font.
        1. PLEASE NOTE: To ensure objective judging based on content and not favouritism, entries must not include any branding or mention of agency name for World’s Best PR Campaign categories.
        1. Imagery should be included in the body of your entry to support your case.
        1. The mandatory photographs requested and supplied alongside your entry at the submission stage, will be used in the AV presentation at the Awards Ceremony should you be shortlisted.
        1. WORLD’S BEST PR CAMPAIGNS – the jury will look favourably upon work that is carried out in a minimum of two countries
        1. WORLD’S BEST PR CAMPAIGNS entries should demonstrate: effectiveness and results; strategy and research; execution; originality and evaluation.
        1. Entries into the TEAM AWARDS should demonstrate: innovation; staff and client retention; documented results and performance; diversity; and collaboration.
        1. Diversity is a criteria within entries for TEAM AWARDS. Judges will be looking for evidence and data on: the make-up of your workforce, both gender and ethnicity; talent management and mentoring programmes for under-represented groups.
        1. If AVEs are used as a form of measurement without a secondary means of evaluation, your entry will be void. For reference, please see The PR Professional’s Definitive Guide to Measurement.
        1. State the campaign budget. When PR is part of an integrated campaign state the PR budget and the approximate campaign budget.
        1. Judges will assume that campaigns using celebrities or other associations have been paid for their involvement unless stipulated otherwise.
        1. If the campaign is integrated, when demonstrating results please state the PR consultancy’s involvement and outline the activity of the other marketing disciplines.
        1. Payments must be made in € Euro.
        1. Payment MUST be received before the entry is submitted.
        1. Submission documents/images must be sent to Only one entry document and one zip file can be uploaded per entry.
        1. Entries must be submitted to with the relevant documentation by 1st November 23:59 GMT.