Below is the list of sponsors of the 2022 ICCO Global Awards.

For information about 2023 ICCO Global Awards sponsorship, please contact Rob Morbin at


AMEC, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication has grown to become a global trade body for agencies and practitioners who provide media evaluation and communication research. AMEC’s purpose is to define and develop the industry on an international scale with better professional standards for both companies and individuals. AMEC has a membership base in over 40 countries.

AMEC is ICCO’s Strategic Partner on educational initiatives in the field of PR measurement and evaluation. Together, we have launched the PR Professionals Guide to Measurement in June 2013.


CARMA is a global leader in Media Intelligence. With over thirty years’ experience working with the world’s leading brands, it brings knowledge, understanding and insight to the evolving media landscape by helping you monitor, measure and evaluate your PR and communications successfully.

CARMA’s powerful combination of experience, expertise, and technology delights clients. As a result, across five continents our team is entrusted to help many of the world’s biggest brands gain true media insight and demonstrate the effectiveness of their PR across its media monitoring, measurement, and evaluation services.

CARMA works with its clients to identify and understand the media, data and metrics that prove the value of communications programmes, helping demonstrate success and empower better organizational decision making.


Milk & Honey PR

Milk & Honey PR is a small, energetic London based PR agency where people come first and passion and creativity are prized. The agency specialises in nurturing reputations and delivering business value for ambitious growth businesses.

Founded in January 2017, specialising in enriching messaging, the agency works with senior decision makers to change the way businesses talk. Making a story more beautiful, colourful, inspiring or simply less complicated. Weaving these rich, emotive messages into intelligent campaigns that deliver business value.

At the core of the agency are its values of energy, bravery, respect, passion, collaboration and loyalty. Working hard to make sure that what they do is right. Not just for the agency, but the people it works with and the communities around it.

PRovoke Media

PRovoke Media produces content across multiple platforms with a mandate to inspire public relations professionals to live up to the ideals of the discipline by working in a way that delivers sustainable competitive advantage to their employers, demonstrates genuine commitment to the needs of an organization’s stakeholders, and adheres to the highest ethical standards.

As a leading media agency with global reach, PRovoke also aims to elevate the status of the discipline by proving to senior executives that public relations is a mission critical management function that can deliver extraordinary business value by aligning the behaviour of an organization with the expectations of its stakeholders, and by demonstrating to the wider public that public relations can and should serve as an advocate for more responsible business practices.

Reuben Sinclair

An award-winning agency, Reuben Sinclair helps businesses attract, hire and retain the best new talent on the market and is consistently chosen as the only talent partner to many high profile and hugely successful companies.

Fuelled by a top-notch team, Reuben Sinclair aims to balance collaboration and accountability to achieve the best possible outcomes for talent and companies, working relentlessly, using the latest technologies and sharp data-driven processes to deliver sustainable results.


Talkwalker delivers the consumer insights that help brands drive business impact.

Talkwalker’s listening and analytics platform enables more than 2,500 companies worldwide to protect their brands and gain the key consumer insights that drive purchase decisions.

With offices in Luxembourg, the United States, Germany, Singapore, France, Japan, the United Kingdom, India and Italy, Talkwalker’s employees are global and local partners in all major time zones and regions.